Savage FAQs

You know, I feel a little like Strong Bad and a little like Bubs in the latest Strong Bad Email. Yesterday, I wrote a post on the same subject I’m about to write but my computer crashed right as I clicked on the button to submit it and I really didn’t have time to type it all out again. Anyway…

For the last few days I’ve been focusing on finishing the FAQs. (Actually, yesterday I didn’t really do anything on it but the previous days I did.) There are now two of them: the Savage Worlds General FAQ and the Products & Links FAQ.

The General FAQ is more comprehensive than ever before, now with info on the miniatures (gosh, you think in a minis-intensive game like SW I might have included info on how to get the minis in the FAQ before now) and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. A whole new section is a “Who’s Who” listing of the most important folks related to Savage Worlds. Unlike the seperate Who’s Who FAQ I had originally intended to write, it has a managable sentence or two on each person instead of a paragraph or two.

The Products & Links FAQ is simply updating the Products FAQ and the Links FAQ and squashing them together.

Well, that’s it for now. The original post I wrote yesterday was more entertaining, but I don’t have time for that now. I’m working noon to 9:30 today!

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