Aha! After racking my brain trying to think of something Savage Worlds related to post so I can once again put a link to this weblog in my signature without the forces of anti-politicalness tarring and feathering me on the Great White Games forums, I am finally proud to link to:

The Savage Shark Bytes Weblog

“Now how is this relevant?” and “Why do I and the one other person who reads this, bother to do so?” you ask. The answer to the first question is that behind the scenes I’m quietly working on a compilation of all kinds of cool stuff that I’m going to send all at once to JB for the third issue of Shark Bytes. It certainly won’t all fit in the third issue, so I’ll also be covered for at least the fourth issue. This will redress the karmic imbalance caused by my completely missing the deadline for the second issue.

Here’s a link to a (completely different) really good SW Weblog that’s very similar to what this was going to be at one point:


In other news, the second collection of Girl Genius comics is out so go buy it. Now. You cannot resist my digital subliminal mind control ray! (You will also buy volume three when it is out and volume one if you do not have it.)


In yet other news, hundreds of losers are whining that Bush stole the election “a second time” with secret Republican controlled black boxes and Elvis Presley’s elite team of saquatch commandos. More tonight at 11:00 on ABC News.

Come to think of it: I said I wouldn’t get political again in the last post. Let me clarify. I actually didn’t get political before I did. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Postscript: Two things.

1) First of all, I’d like to say that John Kerry is a good sport and I’m overdue for saying so. He has much more dignity than the Clintons and a million times the dignity of Al Gore. He has quite a bit more dignity than his most rabid supporters, including ABC, CBS and CNN. I think he’s an amazing socialist and a great liar (just as slick as old Slick Willie (a.k.a. Bill Clinton) himself), but he’s also a good sport. See: there is something to like about John Kerry. I am just very releived he is not my President.

2) I overlooked the comment on my last post when I first wrote this post. CINERATI is a darn good weblog, although it has nothing to do with Savage Worlds. It’s more of a Limbaugh style commentary blog. http://cinerati.blogspot.com/

UPDATE feb 2008: “Elvis Presley and his Sasquatch Commandos” would make an awesome squad based action game.

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