Curse you, Real Life!

[begin rant]Man, I have a fantastic opportunity to help out with the Savage Worlds Revised rulebook and Real Life just keeps interfering. What’s especially annoying is that Zeke is on a Schedule that doesn’t care about whether I’m the only one available to drive my brothers to dinner with Grandmom on thursday or how many hours I’m working on saturday or how the mice are running through my ceiling again on friday so I have to lock the cats in the basement (where I sleep) over the weekend…

If only I could hook my brain up to my computer and ignore Real Life, I would have been done proofreading SWR four days ago. Now tomorow is the Tuesday update and I have the nagging feeling I’ve been beaten to the punch. I hope Zeke is not ready to send the revised rulebook to the printers quite yet, but I suspect I’m too late. I don’t blame the unnamed professional proofreader who’s never seen a Savage Worlds book who Zeke contracted shortly after me, but I hope we never meet alone in an alley somewhere because I hear the police have very good forensic scientists…

So anyway, I have to stop my rant here because I’ve only got 5 minutes left to get to work on time. Real Life, I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!! [end rant]

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