The Author Who Must Not Be Named

For those not in the know, Shane Hensley has been working on getting a deal with a certain author to make a “Big Book of [Insert Popular Author’s Name Here]”. Being on the Sharks list, I happen to know who that author is. Today I checked out a few of [his or her] books from the library. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about them, but I have begun reading the one that begins with “A “. It’s pretty good so far.

Hmmm… Not a whole lot else going on. I had planned to see Sky Captain A.T.W.O.T. by now, though my plans were foiled. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and so far have managed to avoid any spoilers. I’ll probably post a review next time I update.

Ah yes, I forgot. Next saturday is Southern Exposure, a gaming convention in south New Jersey. (I feel that’s kind of like calling a game convention in north Mississippi “Northern Expanse”) Last year it was called ShoreCon, but they changed the name for some reason. ShoreCon was darn fun, so I expect SE will be fun too. I will be playing Savage Worlds there this time, so it’ll probably be even more fun.

See: I don’t always mention SUBWAY every time I post.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I mentioned La Pucelle Tactics a while ago. I’ve actually had the willpower to pry myself away from that game for a while. As a result I am (re-)addicted to Shines and blue coins in Super Mario Sunshine. Ah Prier, I shall be back soon. Just let me get enough Shines so I can unlock the last level and beat SMS at long last and I’ll be back. I swear those dragonshrooms will never know what hit them…

UPDATE feb 2008: The Author Who Must Not Be Named was Joe Lansdale by the way. Sadly, the deal fell through, but Shane did eventually get the license to do an official Solomon Kane RPG
and there are some more neat SW books on the way.

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