And so it is done…

Well one of my favorite webcomics of all time, one of the most technically advanced non-java webcomics of all time, has completed it’s final chapter. If you like TRON, ReBoot or classic videogames you should check out Kid Radd. It’s a completely original “sprite comic” which actually uses HTML to cut down on bandwidth so that the strips load super-fast. There has been hints that the next project will be Java-based, so check out the most sublime use of HTML for entertainment that has ever been created:

I’m still on hiatus, by the way. I actually checked the Sharks group and amazingly nothing has happened since last tuesday. I had assumed we’d get to proofread the revised Savage Worlds rulebook, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until I buy it (like I was going to anyway) to read it.

See how easily I slip back? This is why I’m taking a second week off… unless Zeke posts the revised rulebook to the Sharks group, of course… or there’s a really nice tuesday update on the Great White Games site(see my first weblog entry for the link).

UPDATE feb 2008: What the crap was my problem? You know, I’m not going to do it right now, but when I do get around to it I’m going to cut and cut and cut and get rid of all the jackassery I posted back then. I obviously don’t read my old stuff enough or else I would have gotten rid of this embarrassing garbage ages ago.

And no, I obviously don’t mean writing about Kid Radd, I mean that part about the Sharks group. I may have been an enthusiastic fan with his heart in the right place, but I was clearly horribly unprepared for that privilege.

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