“So what’s it like to work at SUBWAY?” you might ask if you cared. Well have you ever played the first level of Parappa The Rapper 2 on hard mode? It’s like that, but without music in the background. In other words, it’s fun with a steep but short learning curve.

“The ketchup, the mustard, the salt and the pepper,
Pour it all on ’cause we got no extra,
Yo, watch the grill, control the flame guys,
Follow the rules, stay productive and wise!”

…except it’s submarine sandwiches and wraps, not burgers.

…and these stupid little plastic gloves that take five minutes to put on because they stick to your hand and rip if you pull too hard! Well, actually I have pretty much got the hang of it now. Tip: wiggle your fingers, but keep them straight.

In other news, I’ll be posting some neat Savage Worlds stuff tomorrow that I originally wrote for something else. It’s taking a little longer to re-write than I thought. So I’m posting it tomorrow instead of today.

P.S. Here’s another blog, written from a narrator’s persepective. It’s a bit… different, but it’s cool. It’s hosted on LiveJournal, but read it anyway.

UPDATE Feb 2008: If I had realized that due to circumstances beyond my control that I’d still be working at the same Subway for all this time, I would not have been so cheerful. (Though, as I pointed out, it does certainly suck less than unemployment.) Nevertheless, I am finally on track to a real career and I harbor no bitterness towards my boss. And I only have to work fridays and saturdays so it’s not as bad as it used to be.

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