GenCon? No: employment!

Well this is a fine turn of events. While everyone else is off having fun at GenCon*, I’ll be working minimum wage at SUBWAY at my local mall.


If you don’t think that’s something to cheer about, you haven’t been unemployed for two years. (Technically, I haven’t been employable due to prior responsibilites for most of that time. However, when I finally could work again, it was a bit annoying when it seemed no one would call me back no matter how many job applications I filled out.) Besides, I knew I wasn’t going to GenCon this year anyway.

But next year… NEXT year I’ll finally be going to GenCon for the first time in waaay too long. In the meantime, I will be attending Southern Exposure, a convention in South New Jersey that happens to be a ten minute drive from my house. AND this year I’ll have a nice wad of cash to spend at SE thanks to having virtually no expenses. Plus another nice wad of cash for GenCon next year. Ah, life is good.

Besides, I won’t be on minimum wage long. Just you wait and see.


Southern Exposure(formerly known as ShoreCon2004):


*For those of you who are ignorant philistines, GenCon is the biggest annual convention in geekdom. It’s run by the folks who publish D&D, though pretty much everyone who is anyone in the hobby games business is there, too. You have heard of D&D, right? Good, you’re not a complete ignorant philistine, then.

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