Day One, a.k.a. August 9th 2004

Well here it is: my very own weblog! It’s been years since I’ve been able to write a diary with any regularity, so we’ll see how this works out. I suppose now an introduction is in order.

My name is Matthew Mather, better known on some forums and groups as The Mad Tinkerer. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived there for about 10 years. Then we moved to Ohio for 2 years, London England for six years and finally New Jersey for the last six years.

Currently I am “unemployed” as far as a regular job is concerned, but I do have a bit of money saved up and I’m also living in my Mom’s basement so that cuts down on expenses. Thus I am (temporarily) free to do things like maintain the Savage Worlds FAQ, work on my mad art skillz, and write articles and adventures for RPGs.

Did I say “mad art skillz”? Well that was a small exaggeration. In truth I am horribly out of practice, but I’m working on getting to a level that at least approximates my old skill and enthusiasm. Then I plan on moving on to “Hey this’d make a really crappy comic if you charged me for it, but it’s really good for an amateur” level and maybe drawing a webcomic… A bit of a departure from my last job, which was in construction. That sure paid better than not-working-for-money. But writing art is “kewler” than construction. Yeah, I’m on the cutting edge of hip, baby!

Here are some links to give you some idea of what I do on the web besides indulge in self-parody:

The Savage Worlds Yahoo Group has eaten up a lot of my time and energy over the last year or so. Check out the FAQs for demonstrations of my author-fu and editor-fu.

The Great White Games website is the official Savage Worlds website and a great alternate starting point for finding out about Savage Worlds.

The “Diary of a Cartoon Girl” is the only Blog I’ve read with any regularity so far. (Most of the site is G rated, but there are a few “saucy” bits.)

Sluggy Freelance is the most sublime webcomic in existence. It gets a little PG-13 sometimes, but it’s still darn good.

Overclocked Remix is the single greatest contribution to secular culture ever to have existed. You will download and listen to all of the music on the site if you have not already done so. That’s not an order or a prediction, just a statement of future facts.

Homestar Runner is the best… thing… that it is. It really is. Just click on the link already. It’s fun, really. (Definitely G rated, as well)

Finally: I never go to this website, but I attend the services every Sunday, so here’s a link to Stratford Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

EDIT: Edited 2/5/2008. I’ve given up trying to become a comic book / webcomic artist to live my other dream of being a video game designer. Life just works out that way sometimes.

I was going to delete the “mad art skillz” paragraph but I left it up to remind myself that I am capable of writing some truly horrific things when I’m depressed.

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